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Brian Koehler’s links

Nova - Freud Under Analysis - PBS (1987)

Carl Gustav Jung: A Matter of The Heart

To Have or To Be? - Erich Fromm

Wilfred Bion at Tavistock Clinic

Trailer for Encounters Through Generations, a film about psychoanalysis in the UK (Hanna Segal, Betty Joseph, Anne Marie Sandler, Edna O’Shaunessey, Egle Laufer and Elizabeth Spillius)

Meeting Betty Joseph

Meeting Anne Marie Sandler

Clip from an interview filmed during Hanna Segal's last visit to Poland

John Bowlby Attachment and Loss

Heinz Kohut - Reflections on Empathy

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. - Part IV - Harry Stack Sullivan's Interpersonal Theory: Early Influences

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. - Part V - Harry Stack Sullivan: Treatment Innovations

Otto Kernberg: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders Video

Interview with Peter Fonagy

An Overview of Treatment Strategies for Borderline Personality Disorder: Glenn Gabbard

A Case for Psychoanalysis: Exploring the Scientific Evidence by John Thor Cornelius

Is Diagnosis Destiny? From the related article, Sawyer, A. (2011). Let's talk: a narrative of mental illness, recovery, and the psychotherapist's personal treatment. Journal of clinical psychology, 67(8), 776-788. A dramatic interview with Harold Searles, her psychiatrist's supervisor, and its role in her recovery is considered.j